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DesignWorkshop Models · Live Over the Web

These models have been kept very small and simple for quick downloading, but it still may take up to a few minutes for them to load across the Internet. You can interact with each scene as soon as it appears on your screen, and the other scenes will continue to load (although you should not go to the full screen view until all the models have loaded).

These scenes were all built with DesignWorkshop. If a scene doesn't appear automatically in your web browsing window, please consult the viewing tips for QuickTime VR scenes, or contact Artifice Support at

Hundreds of Free Downloadable 3D Models of Great Buildings

The Great Buildings Online at includes hundreds of free downloadable 3D walkthrough DesignWorkshop models of famous buildings from around the world and across history.

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DesignWorkshop VRML Model - Live Web 3D

If you have a VRML web browser plug-in installed (WorldView from InterVista is a nice one), then

Click here for a live VRML tour of the Maybeck Studio. (DesignWorkshop VRML, 333KB)

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QuickTime VR Panorama

QuickTime VR Panorama - Best with QuickTime 4.0  downloadable free for both Windows and Macintosh

This QuickTime VR Panorama was made using renderings directly from DesignWorkshop. Click the mouse on the image and drag side to side to turn around in the space. Hold down the Option key to zoom in, and the Control key to zoom out.

This model features several light sources, inside and out. In the background in an Artifice EnviroDome&tm;, the source of the sky texture. The model uses the texturing capabilities of DesignWorkshop.

Example 3DMF File         Maybeck Studio at Night . . . (3dmf.sit, ~1MB)

This is a larger example 3DMF model file you can download to test with your favorite QuickDraw 3D application. 3DMF is the file format of QuickDraw 3D from Apple. We think 3DMF provides the first really elegant and widely available standard for exchanging sophisticated 3D models between applications, and very soon, cross-platform.

Try dragging and dropping this binary 3DMF file with lights and textures onto the latest SimpleText (v1.3.1 or better), free from Apple, or onto the latest DesignWorkshop Lite application free from Artifice.

This model is excellent for testing the QuickDraw 3D compatibility of applications from other software companies. It has been tested carefully with the reference applications provided by Apple. Please let us know if you run into any problems viewing it with other programs!

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