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Artifice Student Associates Program

The Artifice Student Associates program gives you an opportunity to earn professional architectural design software, accessories, and services when you help spread the word about DesignWorkshop, and the live 3D design revolution.

The Artifice Student Associates program is based cooperatively on DesignWorkshop evangelism and referral sales. It will provide you with unique and exciting benefits, in direct proportion to the effort you choose to invest. Let's work together for success!

You can earn your own free copy of DesignWorkshop Professional when you refer just two academic sales of DesignWorkshop Professional, or just five academic sales of DesignWorkshop Classic!

By referring six academic sales of DesignWorkshop Professional, you will earn enough points for your own full copy of either Lightscape or Art*lantis advanced rendering software!

Sign up here to receive your own Associate ID code and more details. You can start earning points immediately — there is absolutely no obligation when you join — and the possibilities are unlimited!


Associates Program Enrollment


Student ID#:
Degree Program:
Anticipated Completion Date:

Once an associate has joined the program, whenever we receive an order for Artifice products through our standard catalog, identified by an Associate ID Code, that associate's account will be credited with points which can be redeemed for selected Artifice products, as shown in our Associates Catalog at:

On behalf of our loyal legal department, do please note that your Associates points are not redeemable for cash, and that point values and products available for points are subject to change without notice. Not all Artifice products will necessarily be available through the Assciates program. Please always check our Associates Catalog for the current information!

Student Associate referral orders can be placed just like any other order with Artifice, online or on paper. Referral clients can order directly from Artifice, simply including an associate's ID code in the Special Instructions area of the order form.

Alternatively, an associate can place referral orders with us directly, on behalf of his or her local clients, and then the orders can be shipped to the associate for hand delivery to his or her clients. It is simply a matter of which approach will work best for each member.

For the central connection to Associates Program information and updates, be sure to re-visit and bookmark this Associates home page.

And please remember: If you have any questions or comments about the Artifice Student Associates Program, we would really love to hear from you. Write to us at or call 800-203-TECH and ask for Belita Budde, the Associates Program Coordinator.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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