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The development of electronic courseware in the Oregon computer-graphics curriculum has been extensively supported by the Design Integration Laboratory. The goal of this work is a coordinated standard framework for organizing course materials online, which could be used by faculty across the department.

Without the implicit subsidy of ongoing research effort above and beyond basic teaching responsibilities, it would have been difficult to accomplish this volume of course restructuring in a finite timeframe.

Although refinement and testing of these electronic course support models is ongoing, the primary prototyping phase is now complete, and we are in the midst of the next project phase, which involves the creation of standardized and well-documented templates for each of the four course types.

Some particular courses are listed in both here and in the Teaching area because they have been used as research prototypes throughout process of recreating them in increasingly electronically-mediated formats. This protoytping-in-action has been an important functional approach for the online courseware development project.

  Thumbnail   Type 1 — Design Studio

Prototype: Architecture 484/584
Architectural Design Studio -- 3rd & 4th Year

The development of a balanced approach to teaching computer-integrated design studios (at all levels) has been a major courseware development project, as well as an ongoing teaching assignment.

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  Thumbnail   Type 2 — Large Lecture

Prototype: Architecture 222
Introduction to Architectural Computer Graphics

This course is listed in both the Teaching and Research areas, because the process of building it in an increasingly electronically-mediated format from a modest inception up to a large lecture course has been a major courseware development project, as well as an ongoing teaching assignment.

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  Thumbnail   Type 3 — Standard Subject

Prototype: Architecture 422/522
Architectural Computer Graphics

The protoype for an intermediate-level medium-size subject class reflects more direct contact with students than in the large lecture class, and therefore a less totally pre-defined environment. This course also uses fewer assignemnt modules of longer duration to accomodate more involved projects designed to cross-fertilize loosely with studio work-in-progress for many course participants.

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  Thumbnail   Type 4 — Advanced Seminar

Prototype: Architecture 410/510
Coordinating the Digital Design Team

The small seminar course reflects the greatest amount of direct student contact and indiviudally tailored content. In the prototype example, groupwork issues and digitally-mediated communication became strongly emphasized aspects of both the course content and operational structure.

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