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  Glenwood Village Competition

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"A friendly festival market makes a cheerful new hub for a small town.

"Town Hall and Post Office head up the market plaza, connecting pedestrians, rail and automobiles in a healthy balance of activity.

"Street parking behind the market halls and at the train station provides convenience, while the pedestrian-oriented town center alee becomes an attractive destination for shopping, town business, or just being part of the Glenwood community.

"A low key but formal site design concept, in the common-sense new urbanist tradition, allows the town center buildings to be relatively simple, economical, and informal.

"The structures draw on a range of local and regional references, seeking to achieve the dignity appropriate to a proud town center without resorting to grandilquent architectural gestures.

"The ensemble of place is tied together in key spots, like at the second floor lobby of the community meeting room where an encompassing view looks south along the Market Halls and to Main Street.

"The landmark water tower becomes an integral part of the new composition of Glenwood center,.

"simple, flexible buildings and places for Glenwood, greater than the sum of their parts. "


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