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These projects all involved extensive use of digital design tools, but the primary focus was on the design outcome, rather than the technology per se.

  Glenwood Thumbnail   Glenwood Competition

Together with Portland architect Britt Brewer, I led an advanced seminar group in the execution of this design competition project. The project encompassed design of a new town center complex for a small town in Illinois, south of Chicago, including a village hall, a mixed public and commercial market square, and a commuter train station.

  Thumbnail   Evanston Library Competition

I collaborated with Eugene archiect and faculty colleague Jenny Young on this design project for a significant new public library in a low-rise urban setting.

  Thumbnail   Activate Kiosk

Matthews Associates served as design development and presentation imaging consultants to Brewer Design of Portland for shopping mall kiosks for a cellular phone sales company.

  Applied Thumbnail   Applied Design

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The Design Integration Lab has provided background support to a number of other campus research and architectural projects.


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