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Most of my work in both the teaching and research/creative areas involves architectural visualization in some form. The following projects represent work in which architectural visualization has been the primary focus of my participation.

  Campus Thumbnail   UO Campus Model

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The campus model has been developed by the Design Integration Lab with the sponsorship of the University Campus Planning Department (Chris Ramey) to support design, evaluation and promotion of new building projects on and around the campus.

The model has been built over the last two years by a revolving team of architecture students directed by Matthews, working with the DesignWorkshop modeling software, Radiance rendering software, and a file-server based coordination and version control system. It includes moderately detailed massing models of about 95 buildings plus paving and terrain with one foot contours in a modularized digital solid model representing about 8MB of core 3D data.

The campus model has already been used to support to diverse activities around the Oregon campus, including for instance a professional design charette on options for updating the law school building, as the foundational geometry set for an advanced visualization project in the Department of Computer and Information Science, and for an animated presentation campus orientation by the international students association.

  Mac Court Thumbnail   Mac Court Study

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West Elevation

The Design Integration Laboratory is assisting Chris Ramey of the University of Oregon Campus Planning Department in predicting the visual impact of various restoration stratgiesd for historic Mac Arthur Court, the home of University of Oregon Duck Basketball and several other UO NCAA sports teams.

The model has been built with the DesignWorkshop modeling software, and rendered with Radiance.

More on Mac Court

  Thumbnail   CHI Housing Images

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The Design Integration Laboratory was engaged to assist in the preparation of decriptive materials, on industrialized housing demonstration buildings by the Center for Housing Innovation, Donald Corner, Director. Graphics created in the DIL were used by the CHI in a successful entry for a national architectural research award.

One Story Bldg | One & a Half Story Bldg | Two Story Bldg

More Information on the CHI Project

  Thumbnail   Other Projects

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The Design Integration Lab has provided background support to a number of research projects of other university faculty.

Jenny Young

Dan Herbert

Peter Keyes


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