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As Coordinator of Architectural Computing I have had primary long-term and day-to-day responsibility for planning, budgeting, fund-raising, oversight and implementation of instructional technology and digital media in the department since 1990.

Although the requirements vary in intensity from week to week and term to term, fulfilling this role has called for an average committment of about 20 hours per week of my time from September through June of each of the last six years. In addition, being technical consultant and problem solver of last resort means helping with assorted crises in timeframes that have little respect for existing committments.

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The Great Buildings Collection is a multimedia encyclopedia of architecture on Macintosh CD-ROM.

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The campus model has been developed by the Design Integration Lab with the sponsorship of the University Campus Planning Department (Chris Ramey) to support design, evaluation and promotion of new building projects on and around the campus.

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The Design Integration Lab has provided background support to a number of research projects of other university faculty.

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The Design Integration Laboratory has provided extensive support in developing file-server and web-based courseware and digitally-mediated instructional protocols.

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Mac Court Restoration | CHI Housing | Other Projects

The Design Integration Lab has provided background support to a number of other campus research and architectural projects.


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