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Particular product features are subject to change without notice.
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Home Design
Typical Users Hobbyist, Professional Evaluation, K-6 Education Homeowners, Computer Graphics beginners, K-7 Education 3D Home Design, Web and Multimedia, K-12 Education Architects and 3D Design Professionals, Film, Theater, Higher Education
Live 3D Solid Modeling Yes Yes Yes Yes
Click & Drag 3D Openings Yes Yes Yes Yes
Realtime Walkthroughs
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tutorials and Help Online CD-ROM CD & Printed CD & Printed
Scan Tracing Yes Yes Yes Yes
3DMF Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Texture Mapping Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Light Sources Yes Yes Yes Yes
PICT Import/Export
Yes Yes Yes Yes
DXF Import/Export
Yes Yes Advanced Advanced
PCD Import/Export Yes Yes Yes Yes
3DMF Open-Merge-Save Yes Yes Yes Yes
VRML 2.0 3D Export     Yes Yes
DWG Read/Write       on Windows
Shade and Shadows Yes Yes Yes Yes
Platform Mac or Windows Dual Platform Dual Platform Dual Platform
3D Object Libraries Online 3D Objects 25+ 3D Objects 250+ 3D Objects 350+ 3D Objects
Materials & Lights Included 150 architectural textures and lights 150 architectural textures and lights 150 architectural textures and lights plus 4 accessory sets 150 High Resolution architectural textures and lights plus 12 accessory sets
Packaging Free Download CD-ROM Full Box Full Box
QuickTime Sun Studies       Dual Platform
Scripted Walkthroughs       Dual Platform
US, Metric and Japanese Available Included Included Included
Save Objects Limit 100 100 1000 Unlimited
Sample 3D Models 3 Buildings 15 Buildings 20 Buildings 30 Buildings
Accessory Sets     4 Add'l Texture Sets 12 Add'l Texture Sets
DW Plug-in Architecture       Fully Supported
Anti-Aliased Rendering     Available Included
LightWorks Advanced Rendering     Available Included
Radiance Export & Materials
Confidential Web Area     Club Classic Professional
Free Technical Support Email Only 90 Days One Year Unlimited
Academic Pricing n/a n/a Available Available
Upgrades n/a Upgrade Credit Upgrade Credit Free Maintenance
CD-ROM Contents n/a Lite CD Classic CD Pro CD
Direct Order Price Free / $9.95 $19.95 $79.95 / $99.95 $479 / $499

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