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Contents of the DesignWorkshop Lite CD-ROM

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Contents of the DesignWorkshop Lite CD-ROM, December 1998 Version 1.8 Release (Macintosh partition):

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DesignWorkshop® Lite CD-ROM

DesignWorkshop® Lite Folder DesignWorkshop® Lite Application DW 1.8 Lite Release Notes Accessories Order Form Barcelona Pavilion.3dmf Maybeck Studio.dw Torii Gate.3dmf Complete DesignWorkshop Lite Standard Textures: Brick-Norman-Brown, Brick-Std-Brown, Brick-Std-Orange, Brick-Std-Red_New, Carpet-Handmade, Carpet-Level-Blue, Carpet-Level-Tan, Carpet-Level-Tan_Flecked, Carpet-Shag-Blue, CMU-Split_Face-Gray, CMU-Split_Face-Red, CMU-Std-Gray, CMU-Std-Red, Concrete-Gray, Door-Wood-Glazed, DW Material Prefs, Fabric-Canvas-Green, Fabric-Corduroy-Brown, Fabric-Denim-Blue, Fabric-Mod-Fish, Fabric-Mod-Red, Fabric-Twill-Red, Facade-Photo_1, Facade-Photo_2, Facade-Photo_3, Facade_Texture-Brick, Facade_Texture-Limestone, Fence-Chain_Link, Fence-Wood-V-Dark, Fence-Wood-V-New, Fence-Wood-V-Weathered, Floor-Hardwood, Floor-Metal_Tread, Floor-Parquet, Floor-Tile-Checked, Floor-Tile-Marble_Inlaid, Lands-Dirt, Lands-Flowers-Large_Yellow, Lands-Flowers-Pink, Lands-Flowers-Small_Purple, Lands-Flowers-Small_Yellow, Lands-Foliage, Lands-Grass_Lawn, Lands-Gravel-Small, Lands-Hedge, Lands-Leaves-Berry, Lands-Leaves-Ivy, Lands-Leaves-Long, Lands-Needles_1, Lands-Needles_2, Lands-Sand, Lands-Shrub, Lands-Tree-Elev, Lands-Water-Pool, Leather-Black, Leather-Brown, Leather-Gray, Leather-Green, Paneling-Pine-Vert, Paneling-Red-Vert, Paper-Craft, Paper-Shoji, Pavers-Brick-Herring-Red, Pavers-Oct-Lg-Gray, Pavers-Oct-Sm-Gray, Pavers-Oct_Sq-Lg-Red, Pavers-Oct_Sq-Sm-Red, Pavers-Rect-Gray, Paving-Asphalt, Paving-Brick-Brown, Paving-Brick-Red, Paving-Sidewalk-Conc, Picture_1, Picture_2, Picture_3, Roof-Metal-Corrug, Roof-Metal-Deck, Roof-Metal_SS-Gray, Roof-Metal_SS-Green, Roof-Spanish_Tile, Shingles-Asphalt-Gray, Shingles-Asphalt-Green, Shingles-Slate, Shingles-Wood-Sawn-Red, Shingles-Wood-Sawn-Tan, Shingles-Wood-Silver, Shingles-Wood-Split, Siding-Clapboard-Blue, Siding-Clapboard-Gray, Siding-Clapboard-Green, Siding-Wood-H, Siding-Wood-V, Stone-Granite-Gray, Stone-Slate, Stone_Ven-Marble-Botticino, Stone_Ven-Marble-White, Stone_Wall-Ashlar, Stone_Wall-Even, Stone_Wall-Rough, Stone_Wall-Rounded, Stucco-Flat-Blue, Stucco-Flat-Green, Stucco-Flat-White, Stucco-Flat-Yellow, Stucco-Troweled-White, Tiles-Beige, Tiles-Blue, Tiles-Checked_Small, Tiles-Green, Tiles-Red_Clay, Window-Dbl_Hung, Wood-Dark-Rough, Wood-Dark-Smooth, Wood-Light-Rough, Wood-Light-Smooth 3D Library Sample Files: Doors and Windows-Sampler, Forms-Special-Sampler, Home-Sampler, Office-Sampler Complete Online Documentation in HTML format Including complete User Guide reference, Tutorials, Tips, Troubleshooting, 3D Libraries Catalog, Standard Materials Catalog HTML Viewer Software (Complete User Guide and Tutorials are also included in PDF format) DesignWorkshop Image Gallery Auto & Light Towers, Behr Browers Theater Detail, Behr Browers Theater Entry, Behr Browers Theater Interior, CAT Architects Retail Store, Davis House Backyard, Davis House from Dining Room, Davis House from Stairs, Dream House Dining Room, DW 1.7 Screen Shot, DW+Rad-Building Facade, DW+Rad-Great Hall, DW+Rad-Hallway, DW+Rad-High Gallery, DW+Rad-Japanese Room, DW+Rad-Lobby w Stairs, DW+Rad-Reflected Stair, DW+Rad-Skelton Cone 6, DW+Rad-Skelton East Elev, DW+Rad-Skelton Gallery 4, DW+Rad-Skelton Hall 2, DW+Rad-UO Campus w Contours, DW+Rad-Window Seat, Evening Entry, Mac Court Elevation, Mac Court Perspective, Oshima Aerial View, Pool with Fish.jpct, Reading Room w facade, Showroom in Japan, Through Scaffold Gallery Credits Complete JPEGView Image Viewing and Slideshow Software Models and Movies Movie Examples: Gregory Farmhouse Walkthrough Martin Cabin Movie Oregon Campus Sun Study Piazza of San Marco Sun Study QuickTime VR Davis House Complete MoviePlayer Software DW Pro & Artlantis: Roybal Corp-Lawrence Martin.mov 3D Model Examples: Barcelona Pavilion.3dmf, Brick Pad & Light Towers.3dmf, Brick Pad & Light Towers.dw, Douglas House.3dmf, Ennis House.3dmf, Fallingwater.3dmf, Fallingwater.dw, Glass Block Model.3dmf, Gregory Farmhouse.3dmf, Gregory Farmhouse.dw, Ise Shrine.3dmf, Ise Shrine.dw, Johnson House.3dmf, L'Institute du Monde Arabe.3dmf, L'Intitute du Monde Arabe.dw, Landscape Example.dw, Maybeck Studio.3dmf, Maybeck Studio.dw, RGB Color Cube.3dmf, RGB Color Cube.dw, RGB Spotlights Example.dw, Robie House.dw, Rockefeller Center mass.dw, Rokko Housing One.dw, Saynatsalo Town Hall mass.dw, Saynatsalo Town Hall.3dmf, Saynatsalo Town Hall.dw, Schroder House.3dmf, Schroder House.dw, Torii of Itsukushima.dw, Town Hall Hilversum.dw, W. E. Martin House.dw, Woodland_Chapel.3dmf Apple QuickTime 3.0 Software Installer MoviePlayer, PictureViewer, QuickTime Plugin, Image and Movie Samples QuickDraw 3D 1.5.4, QuickDraw 3D Viewer, QuickDraw 3D IR, QuickDraw 3D RAVE Apple QD3D HW Driver, Apple QD3D HW Plug-in, QD3D CustomElements QuickTime VR, QuickTime MPEG Extension, Internet Config, Internet Config Extension QuickTime, QuickTime Musical Insturments, QuickTime PowerPlug, Sound Manager Accessories Folder About Accessories Artifice Desktop Patterns (Install these for a fast preview of DesignWorkshop textures, and for a unique architectural decoration of your Macintosh desktop.) About Artifice Desktop Patterns For MacOS 7.x: Desktop Pattern Prefs For MacOS 8.0: Desktop Pictures Prefs Backgrounds: Backdrop for DW.PICT Sky for Compositing.PICT Tutorial Contours.PICT DesignWorkshop Documentation in PDF Format: Accessories Order Form.pdf DW Tutorial.pdf DW User Guide.pdf For 680x0 Mac Systems: DesignWorkshop® 1.1 68K: DesignWorkshop® Demo 1.1 FPU Application DesignWorkshop® Demo 1.1-Universal Application 3D Library Samplers: Doors and Windows-Sampler, Forms-Special-Sampler, Home-Sampler, Office-Sampler DW Metric Stationery DW 1.1 3D Mini-Demo Guide Example Models: L'Institut du Monde Arabe mass Maybeck Studio w/ interior Saynatsalo Town Hall massing PowerCADD Translator XTNLs PowerCADD 3.0 Translator XTNL: DesignWorkshop PowerCADD 4.0 Translator XTNL: DesignWorkshop Special Materials Sets Working with Special Materials Glass Block -Use w/ Accelerator: Glass Block Model.3dmf Glass Block Model.dw Textures: Brick-Std-Brown, DW Material Prefs, Fence-Wood-V-New, TL008_24.PICT, Wood-Light-Smooth Package Design Set: Package Example.dw Textures: Box_Back, Box_Bottom, Box_Front, Box_Left, Box_Right, Box_Top, DW Material Prefs Photo People in 3D Set: People.3dmf People.dw Textures: Boy, DW Material Prefs, Man_1, Man_2, Man_3, Man_4, Walking_Woman, Woman_1, Woman_2, Woman_3 Third Party Products: Artbeats Textures: Artbeats Read Me Exteriors: Norman 1/256.PICT, Norman 1/512.PICT, Random Ashlar 2/256.PICT, Random Ashlar 2/512.PICT, Troweled/256.PICT, Troweled/512.PICT, Weathered Wood 3/256.PICT, Weathered Wood 3/512.PICT Image Catalogs: Exteriors Catalog Kudo® Catalog Readerͺ Read Me Mac Install Me First Installer Seamless Textures Coll. Catalog Seamless Textures Collection: 24-bit: Botticino 1 a 128/24, Botticino 1 a 256/24, Botticino 1 a 512/24, Craft 128/24, Craft 256/24, Craft 512/24, D6 Emp C/Bot 1 128/24, D6 Emp C/Bot 1 256/24, D6 Emp C/Bot 1 512/24, Parquet b 128/24, Parquet b 256/24, Parquet b 512/24 8-bit: Botticino 1 a 128/8, Botticino 1 a 256/8, Botticino 1 a 512/8, Craft 128/8, Craft 256/8, Craft 512/8, D6 Emp C/Bot 1 128/8, D6 Emp C/Bot 1 256/8, D6 Emp C/Bot 1 512/8, Parquet b 128/8, Parquet b 256/8, Parquet b 512/8 GraphicConverter 3.0.2 (US) Δ: Comment about GIF/TIFF Documentation (US).srd GraphicConverter History How to install plug-ins Problems & Bugs/hints Read me Texture Creator Demo: Temporarily Unavailable TOTO Textures: TOTO Textures README TL005_24.PICT, TL007_24.PICT, TL008_24.PICT, TL010_24.PICT DesignWorkshop® Lite Metric DesignWorkshop® Lite 1.8M Software DW 1.8 Release Notes Barcelona Pavilion.3dmf Maybeck Studio.dw Torii Gate.3dmf Complete DesignWorkshop Lite Standard Textures (see list above) DesignWorkshop® Lite Japan DesignWorkshop Lite 1.8J Software Auto Demo Œ΅“‡_‹{ƒ‚ƒfƒ‹ Œ΅“‡_‹{ƒ‚ƒfƒ‹.3dmf DesignTextures: DesignTexture‚®ŽŽ‚΅”ΕA: BST620 ‚®“Η‚έ‰Ί‚³‚’ EV495 SE8372 DesignTexture‚®ŽŽ‚΅”ΕB: CSR330 ‚®“Η‚έ‰Ί‚³‚’ LB756 SE8495 DesignTexture‚®ŽŽ‚΅”ΕC: BSB600 ‚®“Η‚έ‰Ί‚³‚’ MT837 SE8387 Complete Japanese Online Documentation 3Dƒ‰ƒCƒuƒ‰ƒŠ[ƒTƒ“ƒvƒ‹: Doors and Windows-Sampler, Forms-Special-Sampler, Home-Sampler, Office-Sampler DW J ƒ†[ƒU[ƒKƒCƒh: ŠΘˆΥƒ}ƒjƒ…ƒAƒ‹1 ŠΘˆΥƒ}ƒjƒ…ƒAƒ‹2 ŠΘˆΥƒ}ƒjƒ…ƒAƒ‹3 ŠΘˆΥƒ}ƒjƒ…ƒAƒ‹4 ƒ‰ƒCƒZƒ“ƒXŒ_–ρ‘ License Agreement-J Material Preferenceƒ}ƒjƒ…ƒAƒ‹ DW Lite-JƒŠƒŠ[ƒXƒm[ƒg ƒƒCƒxƒbƒNƒXƒ^ƒWƒI ƒIƒ“ƒ‰ƒCƒ“ƒKƒCƒh Barcelona Pavilion.3dmf Manhattan Walkthru.3dmf QuickDraw 3D 1.5.1J: QuickDrawώ 3D ƒCƒ“ƒXƒg[ƒ‹: ƒCƒ“ƒXƒg[ƒ‰ QD3D ƒCƒ“ƒXƒg[ƒ‰‘—ή QuickDrawώ 3D ‚Ι‚Β‚’‚Δ Scrapbook SimpleText QuickDrawώ 3D ƒfƒBƒXƒN 2: Models QuickDrawώ 3D ƒfƒBƒXƒN 3: Libraries Complete DesignWorkshop Lite Standard Textures (see list above)

CD-ROM Contents & License

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