Downloading Instructions - DesignWorkshop Lite for Windows

These are detailed step-by-steps instructions for downloading and installing the DesignWorkshop Lite for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 one part self-extracting installer (roughly 7MB). Steps 1 through 8 are slightly different when installing from the six part download set.

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1. If your web browser asks whether to run the program from its current location or to save it to disk, choose the "Save to Disk" option.

2. Select a location on your hard drive in which to save the DesignWorkshop Lite self-extracting installer. Note the disk and directory, so you'll know where to look for the download file when the process is complete.

3. The download process will now begin. It will take some time, typically a bit more or less than an hour, depending on the throughput rate of your internet connection.

4. Once the download is complete, go to the folder containing the downloaded file, which is named "DesignWorkshop_Lite-Win.exe". You can also locate this file using the Find command in the Windows Explorer application.

5. Double-click the file "DesignWorkshop_Lite-Win.exe " to begin the self-extraction process. This will bring up the WinZip Self-Extractor window, and allow you to select the location to which the files will be extracted.

6. Carefully note the default location where the extracted files will be saved by WinZip, or, specify and note a new location for saving these files.

7. Once you clearly know just where the files will be extracted to, then click the "Unzip" button. This will extract the 15 strangely named files that make up the installer package, saving them into the location you noted in step 6.

8. Once the extraction process is complete, go to that directory folder, which should now contain the 15 extracted installer files.

9. Locate the file named "Setup.exe", and double-click on the file to start up the DesignWorkshop Lite installer program. (The file icon should appear as a computer with a box next to it). Once the installer is running, you should see the DesignWorkshop splash screen, followed by a standard Windows Install Wizard environment.

10. Complete the installation process by following the step-by-step sequence given by the installer program. Once all the application files are installed to your hard drive, you're done!

11. To run DesignWorkshop Lite, use the DesignWorkshop Lite shortcut located in the Start menu, Programs, DesignWorkshop Lite folder. Both the location of the DesignWorkshop Lite folder and the shortcut are defined during the installation process. Alternatively, you can go to the new DesignWorkshop Lite folder and double-click the "dwlite.exe" icon.

12. Once the DesignWorkshop Lite application has opened, use the File menu Open command to open one of the sample model files. The ".3dmf" files* provide an instant 3D walkthrough experience — all you need for experiencing the free building models from the Great Building Online. The ".dw" models are intended to help with learning the 3D model building process.

* Note that in order to see the .3dmf files listed, you may have to set the File Types pop-up menu to "Any File" in the Files dialog box.

For the vast majority of Windows users, DesignWorkshop installs and runs correctly.   And for most users who encounter difficulty, a simple system restart after installation is usually the solution. Please also note that you may need to log in with administrator privileges in order to install software.   For the small minority of users who encounter difficulty, it's typically due to one of a handful of Windows system issues:

Additional Installation Tips for DesignWorkshop on Windows

For more information, while running DesignWorkshop Lite you can pull down the Help menu and select "Contents" to view a list of help topics. To make models with DesignWorkshop, you have to know about our special use of the "Alt" key, the Space Jump™ function, and the Eye, Look, and Walk tools. For teaching yourself DesignWorkshop 3D modeling, the free online DesignWorkshop Tutorials are most highly recommended.

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After you've run DesignWorkshop Lite successfully, the 15 installer files and the original DesignWorkshop_Lite-Win.exe self-extracting download archive can be thrown away to save space on your hard disk.

Please let us know if you have any further questions, by email anytime to "", or by phone to USA 541-345-7421 during the hours of 10am to 6pm Pacific time.

Decompressing a ZIP Archive File

If your Windows web browser is not already set up to decompress ".zip" files, you can download the necessary decompression software free over the Internet. Here are two sources for decompression utilities for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000:

Stuffit Expander (available for both Windows and Macs, and will also decompress ".sit" files from the Great Buildings Collection) --

WinZip (very widely used on Windows) --

DesignWorkshop Lite is also available on CD-ROM for just $19.95. This convenient 150MB dual platform disc is packed with useful accessories, additional textures, project examples, 3D library objects, and includes full online documentation and tutorials. Use our convenient online direct order form to request your own copy of the DW Lite CD (just $19.95 plus shipping and handling).

Also free online from Artifice:   The DesignWorkshop Tutorials, the complete DesignWorkshop User Guide online, the 3D Objects Exchange, full of free downloadable 3D library objects, and the Great Buildings Online, documenting more than 750 great buildings from around the world and across history, with hundreds of photos and downloadable 3D models.

Artifice Downloads Summary
DesignWorkshop Lite
for Power Macintosh
Download Format
DesignWorkshop Lite 1.8.5 US Download 6,103KB
DesignWorkshop Lite 1.8.5 Metric Download 6,102KB
DesignWorkshop Lite 1.8.5 Japan Download 6,157KB
DesignWorkshop Lite
for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000
Download Format
.exe .zip
DesignWorkshop Lite 1.8.4 US/M/J
combined installer
Self-Extracting Installer

Updated 2000.1206
Part One 1.0MB
Part Two 1.4MB
Part Three 1.4MB
Part Four 1.4MB
Part Five 1.4MB
Part Six 0.8MB
DesignWorkshop Tutorials Downloads
DW Tutorial in
Adobe PDF format
Download PDF 4.1MB
DW Tutorial in
Windows Help Format
Download ZIP Archive 3.2MB
Great Buildings Online Find and Download
1000+ Pages of Information
Linking 100's of
Online Samples
Photos of
Great Buildings
3D Models of
Great Buildings
DesignWorkshop Lite CD-ROM
Alternative to Downloading
Dual Platform CD-ROM, 150MB
DW-Mac Lite US, M, J
and DW-Win Lite US
only $19.95
Quick Online Direct Ordering

Special Note for America Online users:
Many people find that the AOL Web Browsers are unreliable for sizable downloads. If you have trouble downloading DesignWorkshop Lite package with the AOL browser, please order either the DesignWorkshop Lite ESD edition for just $9.95 plus shipping and handling, or the deluxe CD-ROM edition for just $19.95.

For help or information, please e-mail us anytime at

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