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3D Innovations, Inc. - Japan Headquarters for DesignWorkshop  See also our Japanese Pages 
3D Building Models - Dozens of DesignWorkshop models of famous buildings
3D Home Design Models - Dozens of DesignWorkshop models of classic houses
3D Library Objects - free downloadable DesignWorkshop model library objects

About Artifice, Inc.
Advertising - online media kit for the Artifice web sites
ArchitectureWeek - the premiere architecture magazine online
      Design Tools
      Building Culture
About DesignWorkshop
Artifice Academic Connection
Artifice Contacts
Artifice Gallery
Artifice User Gallery
Artifice Press Releases Archive
      LightWorks and DesignWorkshop
      DesignWorkshop 1.7 with Walkthrough and Rendering
      DesignWorkshop 1.5 Announcement
      MicroShadows for Power Macintosh Announcement
      DesignWorkshop PPC Announcement
      Eddy Award Announcement
Artifice Message Board
Artifice Technical Support

Building Model Examples - Live on the Web in VRML and 3DMF
Building Models Listing - The current building models of the Great Buildings Online
Building Massing Models Listing - The current massing models of the Great Buildings Online
Building Spatial Models Listing - The current spatial models of the Great Buildings Online
Building Detialed Models Listing - The current detailed models of the Great Buildings Online

CAD Outpost - the Artifice Online Catalog - great prices on software and accessories!
Club Classic for DesignWorkshop Classic owners only
Competitive Products - opinions by Artifice
Confidential Zone for DesignWorkshop Professional owners only
Customer Comments on DesignWorkshop - you should hear what they say!

DesignWorkshop® — dual-platform family of products for live 3D modeling, walkthrough, and rendering
DesignWorkshop® Lite — fast, fun, and totally affordable™
DesignWorkshop Lite - Free Download!
DesignWorkshop® Classic — the virtual building toolkit™, for 3D home design and more!
DesignWorkshop® Professional — wheels for the mind's eye™
DesignWorkshop Features List
DesignWorkshop for Power Macintosh - free Lite download
DesignWorkshop for Windows 95/98/NT - free Lite download
DesignWorkshop Ordering Information
      Online Direct Catalog
      Online Ordering for International Customers
      Upgrade Pricing Chart
DesignWorkshop Technical Overview
DesignWorkshop Lathe Machine - custom maker for one-piece lathed solids, such as a vase
DesignWorkshop Lofting Machine - custom maker for one-piece complex solids, such as a boat hull
DesignWorkshop Snake Machine - custom maker for special multifacted solids
DesignWorkshop Tree Machine - custom 3D tree maker utility
DesignWorkshop Terrain Machine - custom 3D landform utility
DesignWorkshop Tutorials
DesignWorkshop and Radiance
      RenderCity! - free self-service advanced ray-tracing, Radiance Online over the web
      Installing and Running Radiance on Power Macintosh - Artifice
      Radiance Quick Start Notes - Artifice
      Selected Radiance Man Pages - L.B.L.
      Example DesignWorkshop .rif File - Artifice
      DesignWorkshop Textures for Radiance - for DesignWorkshop owners only
      Basic Unix Commands for Radiance - Artifice
      Radiance Materials Overview - Artifice
      Other User Notes for Radiance and DW - Artifice
DesignWorkshop Upgrades - Some seriously good reasons why you should upgrade today.
DesignWorkshop Upgrade Prices
Discounts - available on a wide range of computer graphics products!
Discussion - the friendly and informative Design Community Public Message Board
Discussion Archives - back issues of the Design Community discussion
Download Free Software

Educational Discounts - on DesignWorkshop Classic and Professional
Engineered Software - Publisher of PowerCADD, drawing/drafting software for Macintosh
Example Images from DesignWorkshop
Example QuickTime Movies

Forum - the friendly and informative Design Community Public Message Board
Foyer Page - home page for the Artifice web site
Free 3D Library and Texture Exchange - more free 3D stuff!

General Information
The Great Buildings Collection
      Search the Great Buildings Online!
      Advanced Search for the Great Buildings Online!
      Architects List
      Buildings List
      3D Models of Great Buildings - free for downloading
      Architecture Books - Great Buildings recommendations

Hints & Tips
      Artifice Support Central
      Artifice DesignCommunity Message Board
      DesignWorkshop Tutorials
      Troubleshooting Tips
      Constructing a Dormer
      Informal Hints and Tips Q & A from our Tech Support E-Mail Archives
      Making Alpha Textures
      Making Tiled Textures
      Radiance and DesignWorkshop
      Spotlights Shining Upward
      Understanding Vertex Interpolation
      Download DW PPC 1.2 -> 1.2.1 Patch
Home Design Resources
Home Design 3D Models - Dozens of DesignWorkshop models of classic houses
Home Design Software - DesignWorkshop Classic Home Design
Home Design Store - Tools and Resources for 3D Home Design

Italy Web Site for DesignWorkshop - ActiveSoftware

International Web Connections for Artifice DesignWorkshop®
           ActiveSoftware - DesignWorkshop Dealer
           Centro Informazioni Techniche - Software Technico - Listing architecture resources
           3D Innovations, Tokyo - DesignWorkshop Distributor
           Parcwave - DesignWorkshop Dealer
           Prova - DesignWorkshop Dealer
           EPCOT, Tokyo - Artifice Technical Partner
           archihub - Listing 3D model sites
           Solo Arquitectura - Listing architecture resources
           PRD Software - DesignWorkshop Dealer
           LightWork Design - Artifice Technical Partner

Japanese Distributor for DesignWorkshop - 3D Innovations, Inc. of Tokyo  
Japanese Distributor for PowerCADD - Prova, Inc. of Nagoya  
Japanese Language Pages at Artifice
      Artifice, Inc. - Top Page, Japanese Language Version  
      DesignWorkshop Pro  
      DesignWorkshop Classic  
      DesignWorkshop Lite  
      DesignWorkshop Lite Free Download  
      DesignWorkshop Gallery  
      Great Buildings Online - Top Page, Japanese Language Version  
      RenderCity! - - Top Page, Japanese Language Version  

Landscape Design - How DesignWorkshop works as a 3D landscape design tool
Library Exchange - Contributed 3D objects, for free downloading

Machines - Free online utilities for creating special DesignWorkshop objects
Message Board - Artifice's free online discussion area

Questions and Answers - from our Technical Support Archives
QuickTime Multimedia Software - free for both Windows and Macintosh

PetitionOnline - the premiere online petition web site
Press Releases
Prova - a local dealer for DesignWorkshop and PowerCADD in Japan

RenderCity! - unique web-based Radiance Online ray-tracing system!
The RADIANCE Synthetic Imaging System
Reciprocal Links
Related Web Sites
      Architecture and Related Design Sites
            AEC InfoCenter
            AECNet (remodeling in process)
            The Building Industry Exchange
            Architectural Engineering
            Interior Design
            Landscape Architecture
            Interior Design Resource Center
            PAIRC -- The Planning and Architecture Internet Resource Center
            The Virtual Library of Architecture at Toronto
            The Virtual Library of Landcape Architecture at Toronto
            Theater Central sponsored by Playbill
      Related Organizations
            American Design Drafting Association (ADDA)
            American Institute of Architects (AIA)
            American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)
            American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)
            International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD)
            International Comission on Illumination (CIE)
            Academic Associations ACSA, FIDER, ACADIA, IDEC...
      Macintosh Sites - at Apple Computer
            Apple Computer Home Page
            General Hardware and Software Product Support
            Power Macintosh information
            QuickDraw 3D information
            3DMF Sample Models you can use with DesignWorkshop Lite
            QuickTime 3.0
            QuickTime VR information
      Other Macintosh Web Sites
            BMUG CAD SIG - the SF Bay Area's premiere user group.
            MacWorld Magazine
      Some Local/Personal Stuff
            Where We are -- Eugene, Oregon
            Assorted Reciprocal Links
            Our Favorite Radio Station
            Our Spiritual Leader
      Some Favorite Vendors
            The Chip Merchant -- where to buy memory.
            Amazon.com -- Huge web-based bookstore.
Rusty of Woodhaven

Sales Online - the amazing CAD Outpost online store, by Artifice
Sales International - local sales and support for Artifice products
Schools using DesignWorkshop® - from around the World
SIGGRAPH'97 - Los Angeles, Expo 5-7 August. We were there with Apple.
The Snake Machine - specialized 3D shapes for DesignWorkshop experts
Student Associates Program
StuffIt Expander Download - free file decompression for Mac & Windows

Tenon Intersystems - Publisher of Power MachTen, a quality OS used for Power Macintosh Radiance
Technical Support Area - Artifice Support Central
The Terrain Machine - a custom 3D landform builder for DesignWorkshop
Tips & Hints - useful how-to info for DesignWorkshop users
The Tree Machine - a free web-based utility for making custom 3D trees for DesignWorkshop
Technical Notes for developers of DesignWorkshop-compatible software
Troubleshooting Page with problem-solving tips for any version of DesignWorkshop
Tutorial for DesignWorkshop - a general Introduction to 3D Modeling and Rendering

University Courses using DesignWorkshop®
User Gallery - projects created and posted by DesignWorkshop® users themselves

VMRL Building Example free online at the Artifice 3D Gallery
VRML Tools for DesignWorkshop Pro - account required

3D Web Browsing Tips
Web Search
            Altavista - A good web search engine for many purposes.
            Google - A good, fast web search engine for finding text.
            Yahoo - The ruling king of web directory, with search too.

DesignWorkshop® for Windows 95/98/ME/XP/NT/2000 — family of great products for live 3D modeling, walkthrough, and rendering

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or send us e-mail at artifice@artifice.com.

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