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    3D Landscape Design

For Landscape Designers who need a fast, easy 3D Sketch Modeler

The design-oriented 3D CAD tools needed for landscape design are similar in many ways to those needed by architects and interior designers. Like architects, modern landscape designers need a fast, easy 3D sketch modeling tool to visualize and present designs, to maximize communication with clients and with other members of the design team.

But the needs of landscape designers also differ significantly. As this page shows, DesignWorkshop Professional addresses the unique needs of landscape designers to provide a powerful tool for landscape design, visualization, walkthrough, and presentation. And there's nothing like having accurate automatic shadow casting, for any time and date, always just one click away.

Landscape Design Requirements

Key elements of a landscape design model typically include plantings, site furnishings, terrain, and architectural context. With DesignWorkshop Professional, you can directly and economically create all these elements, and then easily render them with any level of realism you desire, from a hand-drawn sketch look up to the most accurate natural lighting simulation. Unlike other 3D CAD software, DesignWorkshop also gives you the power to see your design constantly in live 3D, and you can create and rearrange your live 3D model so easily using our intuitive click-and-drag drawing methods.


Trees, shrubs, ground covers, and other plantings are critical in landscape models. These can also be some of the hardest objects to create convincingly with traditional CAD software. But with DesignWorkshop, trees are a snap.

Artifice gives you the unique DesignWorkshop Tree Machine free online so you can effortless create your own custom trees and shrubs with just a few clicks. You control style, dimensions, density of foliage, overall color and color variations, and when you click "OK" the tree is automatically downloaded to your computer and opened directly into DesignWorkshop. By the way, our online machines are regularly updated with new functions and option, often based on user requests.

In addition, with DesignWorkshop Professional a broad selection of landscape textures are part of the standard materials collection, including groundcovers, water, decorative paving, and more.

Site Furnishings

The extensive 3D object libraries that come standard with DesignWorkshop Professional include a wide variety of common site furnishings. In addition, third-party library collections like ModelPak from ByteSyze provide expanded professional-quality items to complete your designs. And, when you do need something that's already available ready-made, the fast, easy modeling tools of DesignWorkshop let you create your own faster than any other CAD on the market.


There are several ways to create the underlying terrain for your landscape design project. Just using designWorkshop itself, it is easy to create traditional contour-pancake terrain models, whether directly from a scanned sketch or site plan, or from imported CAD data. Our free online terrain modeling tutorial shows how.

For presentation models, a smoother mesh-type terrain model is usually preferred. These can be created free online using the unique DesignWorkshop Grid Terrrain Machine, and the new DesignWorkshop Contour Machine. For complex site models and big projects, DesignWorkshop intregrates efficiently with all major specialized terrain modeling software.

Architectural Elements And Context

When it comes to architectural elements and the buildings in your landscape, there's no question that DesignWorkshop does a great job. As the fastest, easiest, and most creative architectural modeler available, DesignWorkshop will put the architectural context into your project with the minimum of effort and the maximum of creative control.

See what real customers do with DesignWorkshop!

Don't just take our word for it. Read what our customers say about DesignWorkshop. Drop by the ongoing DesignWorkshop and environmental design discussions at the DesignCommunity Forums.

And be sure to visit the DesignWorkshop User Gallery, where DesignWorkshop users share and discuss their own real-world projects. Forget all those canned, over-produced CAD marketing images! The User Gallery shows just what real designers and artists do with DesignWorkshop in their own every-day practice.

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