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DesignWorkshop Free Public 3D Library Exchange

This library exchange provides cooperative free public access to contributed 3D library objects for DesignWorkshop, available to and from DesignWorkshop users around the world. Please download and enjoy, and give back when you can.

To contribute an object or texture you have created to the library exchange, please use our LIBRARY SUBMISSIONS page.

Join in and share the wealth!

DesignWorkshop Users 3D Libraries Exchange
Description Contributor Download Updated
Bed, Queen size Artifice Bed-Queen-Size.dw 1998.0302
Bedside table and lamp darkgift1800@aol.com Bedside_Table_Lamp.dw 2002.0401
Bench, park bench Mario Ruggieri Bench-Park.dw 2003.0122
Bookcase, simple Artifice Bookcase-Medium.dw 1998.0302
Bricks, solid with 3D joints Artifice Bricks-3D.dw 1998.0302
Chair, Director's Artifice Chair-Director.dw 1998.0302
Chair, Office Task Artifice Chair-Office.dw 1998.0302
Chair, Office, Oval with Arms 3D Innovations Chair-Office-Oval_wArms-H.dw 1998.0625
Chair, Side Chair Artifice Chair-Side.dw 1998.0302
Chair, Stylish Misako Yamaguchi Chair-Misako.dw 1998.03.12
Computer monitor darkgift1800@aol.com Computer_Monitor.dw 2002.0401
Couch, simple Artifice Couch.dw 1998.0302
Desk, for Computer Artifice Desk-Computer.dw 1998.0302
Desk, simple Artifice Desk-Simple.dw 1998.0302
Door, French Artifice Door-French.dw 1998.0302
Door, Front Artifice Door-Front.dw 1998.0302
Door, Standard Artifice Door-Standard.dw 1998.0302
File cabinet, 2 Drawer Artifice File_Cabinet-2_Drawer.dw 1998.0302
File cabinet, 5 Drawer 3D Innovations Office-Stor-File_Cab-Wd-5Dwr.dw 1998.0625
Fireplace, simple Roland Crosby Fireplace-Simple.dw 1999.0712
Furniture, Television, 40" Screen 3D Innovations Furn-TV-40_Inch.dw 1998.0625
Geodesic Dome Jerud Crandall Geodesic_Dome.dw 1998.0625
Landscape, Bench, Half-Logs 3D Innovations Lands-Bench-Half-Logs.dw 1998.0625
Letters, Sans Serif, Uppercase Artifice Letters-SanserifUppers.dw 1998.0302
Light, Floor Lamp Artifice Light-Floor-Brass.dw 1998.0302
Light, Street Lamp Mario Ruggieri Light-Street_Lamp.dw 2003.0122
Office, Computer, PowerBook 3D Innovations Office-Computer-PowerBook.dw 1998.0625
People, Man, Silhouette Artifice People-Man.dw 1998.0302
People, Man & Child, Silhouette Artifice People-Man_w_child.dw 1998.0302
People, Woman, Silhouette Artifice People-Woman.dw 1998.0302
Kitchen Range, with Oven Artifice Range_w_Oven.dw 1998.0302
Slab Solid, with segmented top face for showing lighting Artifice Slab_for_Lights-4x4.dw 1998.0302
Snake Solid, 4 Sides & 6 Segments, for reshaping Artifice Snake_Solid-4x6.dw 1998.0302
Snake Solid, 8 Sides & 4 Segments, for reshaping Artifice Snake_Solid-8x4.dw 1998.0302
Sphere Solid Artifice Sphere_Solid.dw 1998.0302
Sphere Solid Artifice Table-Round.dw 1998.0302
Tree, Conifer, Christmas.dw 3D Innovations Tree-Con-Christmas.dw 1998.0625
Tree, Palm Artifice Tree-Palm.dw 1998.0302
Wheelchair Artifice Wheelchair.dw 2003.0815
Window, Bay Artifice Window-Bay.dw 1998.0302
Window, Casement Artifice Window-Casement.dw 1998.0302
Window, Double Hung Artifice Window-Double_Hung.dw 1998.0302

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