Rusty Matthews School of Canine Self-Actualization

Rusty Matthews on the sidewalks of Berkeley, at four years old in 1987.   Champion of our hearts, our moral inspiration.

Peacefully in his sleep on May 16, 2001, with Donna and Kevin at his side, weary and replete with the joys and wisdom of 18 wonderful years, Rusty Matthews passed over the rainbow bridge.   He is deeply missed.

Our new dear partner on the path at the RMSCSA is Kira Matthews, aka Honeywood's Warrior Princess. *
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More Rusty pics... Donna, Rusty, and a stick, Rusty running at Woodhaven, Donna and Kitty and Rusty, Rusty on the front porch at Woodhaven (blurry), Rusty gnawing a stick, Younger Rusty looking out a window, Rusty sez, are you coming?, Rusty in snow, Donna and Rusty inside at Fulton Street, Donna and Rusty reading, Rusty, young and perky, Rusty & Kevin in the news at UO, 1991 (large image file), Rusty, Donna, and Kitty, Rusty in the snow being Eeyore, Rusty at sixteen, having climbed from the Ridgeline Trail up the north side to the top of Spencer's Butte, Rusty at sixteen, atop Spencer's Butte, Rusty at sixteen, atop Spencer's Butte with Donna and Ginny, Rusty at eighteen, Rusty at eighteen, Rusty in his yard with daisies.

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