DesignWorkshop Contour Machine

A DesignWorkshop® online machine for creating a triangulated terrain model, or other solid objects, from a set of polyline contours.

What it Does

Contour Machine Input

Contour Machine Output


Every object in the submitted file must be a polyline, and will become part of the lofted solid.

Every polyline should be created in a counter-clockwise direction in DesignWorkshop.

Polylines can be opened or closed. Open polylines will be closed automatically, with one segment added between the starting and ending points, as they would be automatically closed when extruding in DesignWorkshop.

The starting position of each polyline must line up, unless you set the Auto-Align feature below to "Yes".

Choose one of two available methods for the order in which the polylines will be surfaced together:

  • If using the "Geometric" method for determining polyline order, the input polylines must be arranged along the Z axis, like contour lines arranged in space for a terrain model. (Of course the solid object can be reoriented in DesignWorkshop after being created here with Z longtitudinal.)
  • If using the "Object Name" method for determining polyline order, then the object name for each polyline should set in DesignWorkshop before using this machine. This method allows lofting the object along any axis.

    Create a Contoured Object

    Polyline File:
    Sort Order:
    Auto Align:

    In case of difficulty, please make sure the download file types set up for your web broswer include ".dw" files.  For additional help please contact Artifice Support
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    This DesignWorkshop Machine is a creation of Michael Wheeler and the Artifice design team.
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