DesignWorkshop Lathe Machine

A DesignWorkshop® online machine for creating a turned solid object from a polyline profile.

What it Does

The DesignWorkshop Lathe machine will take a DesignWorkshop polyline object and rotate it about a given axis to produce a lathed solid object, or "turning".

The Lathe Machine is similar to using the Duplicate Mitered command in DesignWorkshop, except the Lathe machine makes a single object instead of the several objects you get from Duplicate Mitered.

If the polyline is open, the Lathe Machine will create endcaps on the lathed object. If the polyline is closed and offset from the axis of rotation, the Lathe Machine will make a torus. The turning will be done around either the x, y, or z axis of the DesignWorkshop model space, and you must indicate which axis, which must be the same plane as the polyline.

Lathe Machine Input

Lathe Machine Output (Section View)

To use the Lathe Machine, draw a profile in DesignWorkshop as a single polyline. Save the DesignWorkshop model file so this polyline is the only object in the file. Then, click the "Browse..." button below and choose the DesignWorkshop model file. Next, click a radio button to select the axis of rotation for the turning. Then, enter the number of facets you want for the lathed object. Finally, click the "Make Me A Lathed Object" button. The lathed object will be created automatically and downloaded immediately to your computer.

Create a Lathed Object

Polyline File:

Axis of Rotation:   X:     Y:     Z:

Turning Facets:

Degrees of Rotation:


In case of difficulty, please make sure the download file types set up for your web broswer include ".dw" files.  For additional help please contact Artifice Support
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