DesignWorkshop Merge Machine

A DesignWorkshop® online machine for merging several solid objects into one compound object.

What it Does

When you submit an appropriate DesignWorkshop standard model file to this machine, the file will be transmitted to our modeling server, processed, and downloaded back to your computer, all in just a few seconds (under normal Internet conditions).

  • Each group of objects in the submitted model file will be merged into a single compound object.

  • Each resulting compound object will have only one material and one color.

  • The object name of each resulting compound object will match the object name of its original object group.

  • Ungrouped objects in the submitted model file will not be affected.

    Merge Objects

    1.  Select a DesignWorkshop standard file (.dw) for input:
    2.  To start processing, click once...
    3.  And in a moment the output file "object_merge.dw" will be downloaded to your computer.

    In case of difficulty, please make sure the download file types set up for your web broswer include ".dw" files.  For additional help please contact Artifice Support
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    This DesignWorkshop Machine is a creation of Michael Wheeler and the Artifice design team.
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