DesignWorkshop Tree Machine

A DesignWorkshop® online machine for creating your own custom 3D models of trees and plants.

Tree Settings

Canopy is: feet wide.
Tree is: feet high.
Leaves start: feet off the ground.


Choose A Leaf Type

3 Pt. Widening

3 Pt. Narrowing

4 Pt. Diamond

Italian Alder

Live Oak

Paperbark Maple

Chinese Elm

Red Maple

Tulip Tree

California Black Oak

Conifer Massing

Dawn Redwood

Choose A Trunk



Download Example

Download Example

Download Example

Download Example

Download Example

Download Example

Download Example

Leaf Settings

Leaves are about: inches in width.
Leaves are about: inches in height.
Number of leaves:

Leaves point:

Group the leaves:

Leaf Color:
Average Red % plus or minus%
Average Green % plus or minus%
Average Blue % plus or minus%


In case of difficulty, please make sure the download file types set up for your web broswer include ".dw" files.  For additional help please contact Artifice Support
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