Design Integration Laboratory - University of Oregon

Architecture 407/507 - Spring 98 - Matthews

Desktop Lighting Simulation - Course Schedule

98.04.01 — First Class

Course Overview, Objectives, Policies, Introductions

98.04.08 — Introduction to Radiance and DesignWorkshop

Radiance Overview

Radiance Quick Start, DesignWorkshop material concepts.

98.04.15 — Student Project Case Statements, plus...

Each student will brefly present the design project for which they will be performing lighting visualization, with an emphasis on lighting issues.

Rest of class, DesignWorkshop lighting concepts and new modeling techniques.

Due: First Radiance Rendering (one JEPG image file)

98.04.22 — No Class Meeting - Radiance Test Renderings

Individual work on project, key views, and initial test renderings.

Readings on computer graphics rendering algorithims

98.04.29 — Computer Graphics Rendering Algorithims

Due: Three renderings of each of four views, real-time, LightWorks, and Radiance (12 JPEG image files)


Software documentation for DesignWorkshop, QuickDraw 3D, Radiance, and LightScape. Technical papers from SIGGRAPH. Excerpts from publications by William Lam, Andrew Glassner, Donald Greenberg, Malcolm McCullough, William Mitchell

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