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( BW)(LIGHTWORK-DESIGN) LightWorks Plug-In Renderers for QuickDraw 
3D Ship with New DesignWorkshop Software for Power Macintosh 

    Business Editors

    SHEFFIELD, England--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 27, 
1997--Photo-realistic and hidden-line rendering software developed by
LightWork Design is now available in the latest version of 
DesignWorkshop(R) from Artifice, Inc.  
   The new DesignWorkshop 1.7 includes both the LightWorks(R) 
SuperLite photo-realistic rendering plug-in and the LightWorks(R) 
HiddenLine rendering plug-in.  LightWork Design is the leading 
supplier of rendering engines for 3D design applications.  
   "Artifice is committed to bringing leading-edge solutions for 
spatial design and visualization to its customers," says Gordon 
Oliver, Managing Director of LightWork Design.  "LightWorks and 
DesignWorkshop represent a powerful combination for bringing a 
designer's concepts and sketches to life."  
   "The LightWorks plug-in renderers for QuickDraw 3D provide a 
win-win solution for Artifice and our customers," says Kevin 
Matthews, President of Artifice, Inc.  "With LightWorks, we are able 
to dramatically extend the presentation power of DesignWorkshop, 
while our own engineering teams continue to focus directly on 
increasing our lead in the core areas of design-oriented spatial 
   "All that our end-users see is even better software, because of 
the smooth integration of LightWorks and DesignWorkshop, supported by
QuickDraw 3D."  
   Automatic scaled texture-mapping, an extensive library of 
realistic architectural textures and light types, and the plug-in 
renderers licensed from LightWork Design all work together 
transparently in DesignWorkshop, providing designers with a complete 
solution for spatial design, visualization and high- quality final 
renderings.  With DesignWorkshop, users can create architectural 
models, images and walk-throughs, from initial sketches to final 
   Using the LightWorks technology, DesignWorkshop 1.7 supports full
direct lighting effects, with shadow-casting, transparency, colored 
lighting effects with pixel-level interpolation, and anti-aliased 
rendering with unlimited resolution.  
   DesignWorkshop 1.7 Lite, a fully functional freeware version of 
DesignWorkshop for Power Macintosh, is available for downloading at 
the Artifice Web site at http://www.artifice.com 
   Note: The sample image that accompanies this press release can be
downloaded from http://www.lightwork.com/pressreleases 

   LightWorks Plug-Ins for QuickDraw 3D 

   The LightWorks software plug-ins are available for licensing to 
QuickDraw 3D application developers who want to offer their users the
ability to create high-quality photo-realistic and/or hidden-line 
renderings from within their QD3D applications.  The LightWorks 
plug-ins are available for Macintosh, Windows 95 and Windows NT 
   For information about licensing the plug-ins, visit the LightWork
Design Web site at http://www.lightwork.com or contact LightWork 
Sales at the following: Phone 44/114-266-8404; Fax 44/114-266-1383; 
E-mail: sales@lightwork.co.uk 

   About LightWork Design 

   LightWork Design is the developer of the world's leading core 
rendering system.  The LightWorks Application Development System 
(ADS) is used in more than 60 software applications worldwide, 
including the new RadioRay radiosity and ray-trace rendering plug-in 
for 3D Studio MAX from Kinetix, as well as products from EDS 
Unigraphics, SolidWorks, auto.des.sys and Parametric Technology 
Corporation (Pro/REFLEX).  LightWork Design also develops and markets
MachineWorks(TM), an NC simulation and verification toolkit for CAM 
system developers.  
   LightWorks and the LightWorks logo are registered trademarks and 
MachineWorks is a trademark of LightWork Design Limited.  Artifice 
and DesignWorkshop are registered trademarks and the DesignWorkshop 
logo and "the virtual building toolkit" are trademarks of Artifice, 
Inc.  All other trademarks are the property of their respective 


    CONTACT: LightWork Design Ltd.
             Gay Walker, 44/114-266-8404
             Fax: 44/114-266-1383
             E-mail: gay.walker@lightwork.co.uk
             Artifice, Inc.
             William D. Kyle, 541/345-7421
             Fax: 541/345-7438
             E-mail: artifice@artifice.com


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