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Radiance Architectural Rendering

To help make the full power of the Radiance Synthetic Imaging System available to a larger group of architectural users, Artifice has equipped DesignWorkshop Professional to integrate closely with Radiance. As a result, you can now easily combine the best of both worlds - fast, user-friendly design-oriented modeling, with sophisticated, high-powered rendering of light in spaces.

Radiance and Lightscape are the two most accurate architectural rendering systems available, at any price, and DesignWorkshop Pro connects efficiently with both of them. These two are unique because they create images based strictly on physical parameters and the laws of physics, while all those other renderers, however intricate, are based fundamentally on computer graphics shortcuts. Both Radiance and Lightscape create images that are both beautiful and technically accurate, by rigorously rendering both deterministic and statistical lighting effects.

DW & Radiance
by Peter Horne

DW & Radiance
by Larry Wright

DW & Radiance
by Misako Yamaguchi

Radiance uses the ray-tracing approach with major statisical extensions, while Lightscape uses the radiosity approach with major ray-tracing extensions. Because the Radiance software was created at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, with U.S. Department of Energy funding for lighting simulation research, the Radiance software can be downloaded free over the Internet. Radiance itself runs primarily on Unix, while Lightscape runs primarily on Windows 95/NT.

Now with RenderCity! from Artifice, anyone can create their own Radiance renderings easily over the internet, from the comfort of your own personal computer, using our simple 1-2-3 web-based rendering interface.

A variety of Radiance support resources are provided at here the Artifice web site, and at other key locations on the World-Wide Web.
RenderCity! - Radiance Rendering Made Cheap and Easy for Everyone

      RenderCity! — Free Radiance Rendering Online   real Radiance rendering, right from your browser.

Radiance - The Book and CD-ROM

      Rendering with Radiance, by Greg Ward Larson, Rob Shakespeare, et al.
                A most highly recommended reference and guide, for serious Radiance users.

Radiance General Information - for Power Users

      Example DesignWorkshop .rif File
      Radiance Materials Overview
      Basic Materials Examples

      Official Radiance Home Page - L.B.L.
      Selected Radiance Man Pages - L.B.L.
      Complete Radiance Man Pages - L.B.L.

      Other User Notes for Radiance and DW
      Radiance Tips at Random

Using Radiance on a Unix Server - Beginners to Power Users

      Radiance on Unix - Quick Start Notes - Artifice
      Basic Unix Commands for Radiance - Artifice
      DesignWorkshop Textures for Radiance - for DesignWorkshop Pro owners only, to install on your local server

Installing Radiance and Unix on Your Own Computer - for Serious Amateurs and Up

      Which Unix for Radiance? - Artifice

      Radiance on Power MachTen - Unix and Macintosh at the Same Time on One Machine
      Installing and Running MachTen and Radiance on Power Macintosh - Artifice
      Power MachTen File Type Configuration Details for Radiance - Artifice

      Radiance on MkLinux - Maximum Speed and Economy for Pure Unix on PowerPC
      Radiance on MkLinux Installation Instructions - Artifice
      MkLinux for Power Macintosh - fast, free, generic Unix from Apple et al.

Update -- LinuxPPC is another good Linux for PowerPC, potentially preferrable and sometimes more up to date than MkLinux. We've used both successfully at Artifice. Over the years we have happily avoided worrying about the fine details of Unix vs. Unix, preferring instead to take advantage of any solid and available Unix implementation for the relevant hardware. That's the beauty of running techincal software on a pretty generic OS.

      Radiance on Red Hat Linux - Maximum Speed for Pure Unix on Intel
      Red Hat Linux for Intel

Radiance Email List

is our email discussion list for anyone using Radiance in general, Radiance and DesignWorkshop, and for people using the Radiance online rendering services at RenderCity in particular.

To subscribe, send an email message to "" with anything you want as the subject, and with message content of exactly:

subscribe rad_list

This will automatically create a free list subscription for the email address which is used to send the message.

You can also unsubscribe at anytime, by sending email to "" with message content of exactly:

unsubscribe rad_list

To post appropriate questions and comments to the list, first subscribe, and then simply send email to "".

If you have any questions, just drop a note to "".

We hope this new list will support a new level of information exchange among Radiance and DesignWorkshop users.

Radiance Forum Discussion

Online discussion forum comments, questions, and answers regarding Radiance are very welcome at the  Open 3D Forum.

Online discussion forum comments, questions, and answers specific to the use of Radiance with DesignWorkshop Professional are very welcome at the  DesignWorkshop 3D Forum.

Radiance News

Radiance on Macintosh

Mac OS X is sick!  (BTW, these days that means cool - very cool.)

The underlying Unix foundation of Mac OS X will make it a great platform for running Radiance. The combination of DesignWorkshop Pro and Radiance on Mac OS X should provide one of the quickest, most powerful, and most cost-effective architectural visualization set ups ever.

Architosh has started coverage of Mac OS X support for Radiance with a news brief on . You can expect Artifice and other software developers to ensure a quality experience with Radiance on Mac OS X.

Radiance on Windows

Meanwhile, L.B.L. and partners have released Desktop Radiance, aRadiance implementation for Windows with an improved user interface. Some DesignWorkshop users on Windows are successfully using this Radiance, as you can see in the DesignWorkshop User Gallery. (Some automatic texture-mapping functions built in at RenderCity are not available with Desktop Radiance.)

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