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User Notes for Radiance with DesignWorkshop

Use a DesignWorkshop Texture-map in Radiance

1) Using an image format translator such as Graphic Converter (available online or on recent DesignWorkshop CD's), Photoshop, or DeBabelizer, convert the PICT texture to a 16 or 24-bit color Targa file (".TGA"). 2) Move the .tga file into a Unix directory. Then use the standard Radiance command ra_t16 with the "-r" option to convert the .tga file to a radiance .pic file: ra_t16 -r example.tga example.pic If you plan to use this texture regularly, put it into your ~/mylib directory. 3) Edit the Radiance ".mat" file for the model (exported from DW) to add a "colorpict" mapping function for the texture, following this example (yes, the "." is intentional and crucial):

# A texture-mapping function for Floor-Tile-Checked
void colorpict Floor-Tile-Checked.map
9 red green blue Floor-Tile-Checked.pic . frac(U) frac(V) -s 2

# A material definition for Floor-Tile-Checked
Floor-Tile-Checked.map plastic Floor-Tile-Checked_65535_64000_56000
5 1.000000 0.976577 0.854505 0 0

4) Make beautiful pictures!

Error Message Diagnosis -- Set Overflow in AddObject

This error message usually means that you have a big model, for which a larger-than-usual octree resolution has to be specified.

To specify a larger-than-usual octree, add a line to the ".rif" file to define a value for the "oconv" variable, and for that value specify "-r 2048", or some other resolution value greater than the default of 1024. The new line in the octree should look something like this:

oconv= -r 2048

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