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このオンラインはRadianceというレンダリングソフトをシンプルなウェブページにしたものであり、この特色あるウェブページは、あなた自身の作品を簡単にレンダリング出来るよう考慮してあります。 Radiance ライティング シュミレーション システムのファイルを使い、あなたが所有するコンピューターとDesignWorkshop Professionalを使って創造する事が出来ます。

このレンダリング マシーンが供給する利用時間は、24時間年中無休のセルフサービスです。 Artificeが提供している無料テクニカルサポート サービスは通常、E-Mailによる応対は12時間体制でで受付けており、電話での応対は、太平洋沿岸(西海岸)時間の午前9:00〜午後6:00の間受付けております。(日本語サービスは受付けておりません。予めご了承下さい。)

E-Mail アドレス:
テクニカルサポート電話番号: +1-541-345-7421

Tech Support by E-mail:
Tech Support by Fax: USA 541-345-7438 fax (541-345-7421 voice)

Important NotesConceptual OverviewStep-by-Step InstructionsRadiance Gallery

System Status = Good
Upload = Normal.   Processing = Normal.   Delivery = Normal.   Server Load = Light.
New Features In Effect — JPEG image file format, web-pickup delivery option.
Step One Basic Setup    
推薦するブラウザ: Netscape ナビゲーター 4.04、または新登場のもの
E-mail アドレス:
レンダリング イメージサイズ(ピクセル): 無料 768x768 High Resolution for Everyone! - Limited Time Offer
レンダリング後のファイル フォーマット
コントロールファイル (.rif):
レンダリング オプション:
日光 詳細 レンダリング速度 クオリティ 光の反射量

注意:   このフォームは Netscape 4.0 かそれ以上のバージョンを必要とします。 もしファイルと、このフォームをアップロードするのが難しい状況になりましたら、Artificeの テクニカルサポートにご連絡ください。

Important User Notes

Questions and feedback appreciated. Please contact Artifice Support by email at

Conceptual Overview of Radiance Rendering Online

This first page of the rendering setup process collects enough information to predict the rendering charges, if any, which are then displayed on the second page. If the charges shown there look OK, then enter credit card payment information and go to the third page, where you check and confirm the setup before anything actually happens. If things look good, then select the remaining Radiance files for the project, and click at the bottom of the third page to accept the charges (if any). Your files will be uploaded to the server, and the rendering process will start automatically. You will receive a recepit for any charges by e-mail right away. Then, when the rendering process is complete, the finished image (in the image format you have indicated) will be delivered to you automatically by email.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Radiance Rendering Online

Rendering with Radiance is easy using DesignWorkshop Professional together with this unique self-service online rendering machine. Here's how to do it, step by step:

Preparation:   Create the Radiance file set with DesignWorkshop Professional.

Build your model, set the latitude and time of day, assign lights and materials, and preview them in Lights and Textures. Then go to the modeling window, and go to the exact view you want to render, and use the File menu Export 3D > Radiance Scene command to create the three Radiance input files. You will only set the name for the ".rad" file, which must have the .rad extension. The .mat and .rif files will automatically be created with the indentical base filename. None of the three filenames should be changed after the files are created, except by Radiance expert users.

1)   Fill out the form above. You must include your name and e-mail address, both for communication, and because your completed rendering will be delivered to you by e-mail.

Make any changes you want to the default rendering settings available in the form above (currently includes resolution and output file format).

Click the "Browse..." button by filename field in the form above, to choose the Radiance control file (.rif) on your computer to be uploaded.

2)   When the form on this page is complete, click the Preview Rendering Charges button to go to the Step Two page, where the cost calculated will be displayed for the rendering you have set up.

If you would like to accept those cards and proceed to run the rendering, follow the rest of the instructions, entering your credit card information to pay for the rendering costs, and then click the button to go to the Step Three page.

3)   Check and confirm the rendering charges, and then select the two remaining Radiance files needed for the rendering, as shown. When done, click the "Accept charges and Submit Rendering" button.

When the files have successfully received by the web server, a "Thank You" page will be displayed. Rendering will commence a little later, as soon as all the files have been received at the rendering server. You will be sent an e-mail message if any errors occur after the uploading process.

When the rendering is complete, the final output image file will be delivered to you by email. After your rendering is finished, your project files will be deleted from the rendering server.

Rendering Setup - Step One

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