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FC AFC OTCH FTCH AFTCH Can OTCH TNT's Stanley Steamer UDX, WCX , MH, OBHF, FDHF, OS X Honeywood's Warrior Princess, TD SH OA OAJ begets four little golden girls and two little golden boys, born Saturday, June 7, 2008 and Sunday, June 8, 2008.   Kira's Golden Puppy Pictures

Honeywood's Warrior Princess, TD SH OA OAJ, Kira, on the shoulder of Spencer Butte, November 2006.

Named after our spiritual founder Rusty Matthews, the Rusty Matthews School of Canine Self-Actualization (RMSCSA) is a place of the heart, where dogs and people of Earth find companionship along their way.

The ineffable path toward self-actualization at the RMSCSA is framed by spiritual practices, including extensive free play, running and jumping, sleeping on grass, free and guided meditation, wet and dry retrieving, hiking, yoga, keep-away, dog whispering, people jumping, agility*, and search and rescue tracking**.

We may be one of the few schools of our kind to consciously exercise schutzhund 'training by activation' principles in the non-defensive context.

From time to time new disciples may be admitted. Doggie day camp is available for selected guests at selected times. On occasion we breed high-performance golden retrievers, and if you'd like to join our no-obligation contact list for puppies , please send an email to Kevin.

Our caniphilic campus encompasses seven acres of private woods and meadow high on Spencer's Butte in Eugene, Oregon, convenient to miles of additional outdoor recreational opportunities.

Your inquiries are always welcome. Please direct them to our human coordinator.

Human Coordinator
Kevin Matthews
541-345-7421 c/o Artifice, Inc.
541-345-7438 fax

Canine Coordinator
The current canine leader on the path at the RMSCSA is Kira Matthews, aka Honeywood's Warrior Princess, TD SH OA OAJ.  
AKC SN847049/01   NADAC 04-08304

* As a practice, agility helps a dog learn to give close attention to you, to rely on your lead on the course, for you to learn to express yourself clearly and concisely for your dog to understand, and together, for you to learn to dance happily through complex arrays of obstacles.   And you can get lots of ribbons.
** As a practice, tracking helps enhance a dog's appreciation that you want it to be keenly and accurately aware of its environment, and that you will rely on its lead in the scenting realm. It helps you become more keenly sensitive to your dog's subtle expressions.   And you can spend a lot of time outdoors together, especially when it's raining.

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