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"Purple" (on the right) is now 'Buster', thrilled to stay home with Layla (on the left) and Kira. The "woolly twins" stay together!  :-)

FC AFC OTCH FTCH AFTCH Can OTCH TNT's Stanley Steamer UDX, WCX , MH, OBHF, FDHF, OS X Honeywood's Warrior Princess, TD SH OA OAJ: Four little golden girls and two little golden boys, born Saturday evening, June 7, 2008 and Sunday morning, June 8, 2008.

Kira News - September, 2008

Puppies are all home now!
Black - to Mike Kotowski, Anchorage, Alaska
Blue - to Karen Paulson, Anchorage, Alaska
Red - to Ron Anglin, Salem, Oregon
Yellow - to Donna Meredith, Kira's former co-owner. Now 'Ridgeline Halley's Comet'
Lavender - Breeder's pick. Now 'Layla Luna', "Ridgeline's Skye High"
Purple - Breeder's pick. Now 'Buster', "Ridgeline's Rolling Thunder"

2008.0608/09 - Kira has Puppies!   Photos —First Two Days · Day Three, 6/10, through 6/20 · Weeks Three and Four, through 7/8 · Week Five, through 7/16 · Weeks Six and Seven, through 7/25 · Through Three Months, 9/15

Kira's Golden Puppy Pictures

Our current dear leader on the path at the RMSCSA is Kira Matthews, aka Honeywood's Warrior Princess, TD SH OA OAJ NAC NJC.   AKC SN847049/01   NADAC 04-08304.

Kira 2003
Kira and Kevin at the end of her successful TD tracking test, April 13, 2003 · Kira of the Fields · Kira and Kevin with her first agility ribbons, AKC Novice A Standard (Q'ed on May 17, photo on May 18, 2003, Corvalis, Oregon) · Kira from the River, July 2003

Little Kira, 2001
Kira, September 2, 2001 · Kira · Kira · Kira smelling a flower · Kira · Kira with giraffe, on her way home · Kira with a redwood, on her way home · Little Kira with a big hedgehog · Kira with her mom and sisters · Kira at Newport · Kira at Newport · Kevin and little Kira · Donna and little Kira

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