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Artifice Technical Support Resources

Compatibility Note: DesignWorkshop® is currently available in old but functional editions for all active versions of Windows (though requiring special installation on Vista), and for Macintosh Classic (PPC processor only). Special installation instructions are applicable to a few configurations of Windows XP. The current Macintosh version works well in the Classic environment, and is compatible with Mac OS X (PPC processor), but it is not native for Mac OS X, and it is incompatible with Intel processor Macintoshes.

New Windows Users: Installation Tips for DesignWorkshop on Windows
Continuing Macintosh Users: Where to download Mac OS 9 updates for DesignWorkshop...

Technical Support Request Form

Please use this simple form to send us all your technical questions regarding Artifice products. We'll answer them as promptly as we can.

DesignWorkshop Tutorials Online

Follow along with these step-by-step tutorials for DesignWorkshop and DesignWorkshop Lite, and learn how to build a realistic 3D solid model of a house, and more.

DesignWorkshop User Guide Online

For your convenience, the complete hyper-linked DesignWorkshop User Guide is available online right here.


Some issues to consider when things go wrong, some possible problems you could run into, and what to do about them.

DesignWorkshop Training Courses

We offer a range of learning opportunities, including regularly scheduled courses taught by our own DesignWorkshop experts.

Design Community 3D CAD Discussion

This public message board is a friendly forum for general discussion on DesignWorkshop, Artifice, architecture and environmental design, and related areas. If you have a question, there's probably someone out there with an answer!

Artifice Web Site Search

This page provides a powerful site-specific indexed search engine, so you can find a word or term anywhere it occurs among the thousands of Artifice pages on the web. Our search engine includes all the Artifice support pages, from User Guide to Hints and Tips, and the complete Message Board archive, too. We use Artifice Search ourselves on a daily basis.

DesignWorkshop Online Machines

This unique set of free online modeling machines supplements the built-in capabilities of DesignWorkshop, with a custom tree maker, terrain modeling, lofting for boat hulls and piping, and more.

DesignWorkshop Hints & Tips

Want to learn some neat tricks, or an easy solution to a difficult problem? Check out this page.

Q & A Archives

Questions, answers, miscellaneous user notes, and more hints and tips.

Artifice Technical Notes

Serious technical nerd stuff, for advanced users, consultants, and developers of DesignWorkshop-compatible software

QuickDraw 3D Resources

A wealth of third-party application and accessories that can add value and utility to DesignWorkshop.

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