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DesignWorkshop Installation for Macintosh

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To Install DesignWorkshop

To install DesignWorkshop from the distribution CD-ROM, copy the folder "DesignWorkshop® Folder" to your hard disk by dragging it over.

To install QuickDraw 3D, open the folder "QuickDraw 3D 1.5.3" on the CD-ROM, and then the folder "QuickDraw 3D Install", and then double-click on the Installer application.

To install the complete 3D libraries, copy the folder "3D Libraries" from the CD-ROM to your hard disk by dragging it over. You may install all or part of the libraries as you wish.

System Requirements

DesignWorkshop is fully native for the Power Macintosh, and requires a Power Macintosh with QuickDraw 3D 1.5.1 or higher, and a minimum of 24MB of total RAM.

Memory Requirements

If your Macintosh has 32MB or less RAM, virtual memory should be turned on with a total memory setting of 33MB, using the Memory control panel. Note that the memory used by QuickDraw 3D (QD3D) is allocated to the System from the free memory when requested by DesignWorkshop. In other words, application memory and rendering memory are separate in DesignWorkshop, and giving too large a memory allocation to the application can cause QuickDraw 3D to run out of memory unneccesarily.

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