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DesignWorkshop Installation for Windows

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To Install DesignWorkshop

To install DesignWorkshop from the distribution CD-ROM, open the folder "DesignWorkshop" and double-click the file "Setup.exe".

Setup.exe will ake you through the installation process. Default path names are provided, so in most cases you can just accept the paths it suggests. The installer will install all the files required for DesignWorkshop.

After instaling, the DesignWorkshop folder will be in "C:\Program Files", unless you specified another location. The DesignWorkshop program will also be available through the Programs item in the Start menu.

To install the complete 3D libraries, copy the folder "3D Libraries" from the CD-ROM to your hard disk by dragging it over. You may install all or part of the libraries as you wish.

System Requirements

DesignWorkshop and requires a Pentium or better processor with QuickDraw 3D 1.5.1 or higher, and a minimum of 32MB of total RAM.

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