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Eye-Dropper Tool

For picking up ("grabbing") the color of an existing object. Click on any object with the eye-dropper cursor -- the object need not be selected. The color tool icon will automatically change to match the base color of the clicked object.

Note: The color picked up by the eye dropper, and the color shown in the Color tool icon, is the base color for an object. The full brightness of an object's base color is only shown when its surfaces are at maximum illumination. When the object is rendered with shading or shadow-casting, the resulting color will usually be somewhat darker depending on the angle to the sun. Because of this, in most cases a relatively bright base color gives the best results.

Color-Picker Tool

For setting the color of a selected object, and resetting the current color for newly drawn objects. To set the color of all selected objects to the color shown, click once on the color-picker icon.

To set a new drawing color (and also reset the color of any selected objects), double-click on the Color-picker icon. This brings up the standard Macintosh color picker. When you click OK in the color picker dialog box, the new color you've chosen will go into effect. Click Cancel instead to close the color picker dialog box without changing the drawing color.

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