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Overlay Pencil Tool

For quick, rough 2D sketching on top of the model view. The Overlay pencil works like a simple 2D painting pencil just select the tool and drag to draw. The pencil tool gives you freehand lines by default. To draw straight lines, hold down the Shift key, then drag with the pencil tool.

Overlays will print normally with the current window and save with the current view with Export > PICT. Overlays can be saved for review by "grabbing" with a screen capture utility. To clear the overlay, double-click the Overlay eraser icon.

Using the Overlay pencil can be thought of much like laying down a piece of drafting trace over a pencil drawing to quickly sketch over it. In DesignWorkshop, use the overlay pencil for quick mark-ups of a view of the model, for recording rough design ideas before taking them into 3D, to explain and emphasize points of a model in client conversations, and for "desk crits" in design teaching situations.

Overlay Eraser Tool

For erasing in 2D overlay sketches. The Overlay eraser works like a common paint eraser--drag the eraser around on the model view to erase lines made with the overlay pencil or text tool.

To quickly erase the whole overlay, double-click on the Overlay eraser icon.

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