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The Object Info box displays information about the current selected object. Fields with a simple rectangular outline display information about an object and can be changed by editing the field. Fields with drop-shadows (such as Angle and Area) are pop-up menus of the available options. The dimensions displayed are measured according to the object reference point chosen at the top of the windoid.

Open the Object Info box by using the Layout menu Show Info... command, or by double-clicking on an already selected object.

To change the size of an object with the Object Info window, open the windoid, select the object, and edit the text in the field for the dimension you want to change. Then hit Return to execute the change, or if you want to change more than one dimension, use the Tab key to advance from field to field.

To move or rotate an object (rotations are around the object reference point) edit the contents of the appropriate fields in the same way. For instance, to quickly and precisely change the elevation of an object, change the value in the z field.

The phase in which an object is located can be changed by selecting a different phase from the Phase pop-up menu.

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