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The Walkthrough windoid lists the views that will be rendered during the calculation of a walkthrough movie. It is opened with the View menu Walkthrough > Setup menu command.

Any views that you do not want recorded into the walkthrough movie can be removed from this list by selecting the view name and then clicking on the Remove button. Removing a view here, from the walkthrough list, does not remove it from or have any other effect on the main views list.

Intermediate, "interpolated" views can be added between any of the saved views by selecting a view name and then clicking the Insert button. These allow you to smooth and control the speed of motion in the recorded movie.

When you have a walkthrough script set up, you can run the batch calculation of the walkthrough views from the View menu or by clicking the Run button in the windoid. A dialog box will appear to present saving options, and then each view in turn will be rendered, using the size and rendering style of the active document window.

Save Walkthrough dialog box

Note: To save walkthroughs in the QuickTime format, the Apple QuickTime system extension must be installed on your Macintosh. It is distributed with DesignWorkshop under license from Apple.

Walkthrough and sun study QuickTime movies recorded with DesignWorkshop can be viewed with the Apple MoviePlayer application, also included.

In addition to providing a simple way to script basic architectural walkthroughs or other moving-camera animations, the Walkthrough function can also be used as a batch rendering function for any series of independent views. For instance, with several standard views set up in the Walkthrough list, an end-of-the-day batch calculation of several views of a complex model can be run overnight, as one long process, to provide fairly effortless design-progress documentation.

The Walkthrough function can also be used to create the series of frames needed to make a QuickTime VR object.

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