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Document Windows

The Document Windows display the model or drawing being viewed and edited. In DesignWorkshop, there are two different types of document window with somewhat different capabilities. DesignWorkshop allows you to have more than one document open at a time, and each document can be viewed through more than one window at a time.

Standard Document Window

The Standard Document Window is used for all editing of the model, saving particular 3D views, and object-based rendering and viewing from wireframe though shadow-casting.

Lights & Textures Document Window

The Lights & Textures Document Window is used for rendering and viewing the model with local light sources and automatic texture-mapping, using fast pixel-based rendering, based on QuickDraw 3D.

Floating Windows

These small windows, also called "windoids" or "floaters", always stay in front of the document windows. Floating Windows provide for the display and editing of particular information in an easily accessible format.

Phases Windoid

Object Info Windoid

Views Windoid

Walkthrough Windoid

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