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        Start Here - Key Concepts

DesignWorkshop is a fast, fun, and easy program to learn. Because of its unique live 3D modeling interface, it makes a big difference if you take a few minutes to read about a few key concepts before you start up the software.

When learning DesignWorkshop, the most important things to understand are 1) how to use the Eye tool and the Look tool for live 3D viewing, 2) how to move 3D crosshair around, and how to align it easily and accurately, and 3) how to know exactly where objects are located in the 3D modeling space, so you can create and adjust your model accurately.

After spending a few minutes on these basic concepts, you'll be all ready to create your first project - a complete simple house.

        First Tutorial - Building a Classic House

This highly-recommended 12 part step-by-step tutorial will introduce you to modeling with DesignWorkshop, starting with a quick overview of key concepts, and then taking you through core functions including creating and reshaping objects, duplicating, changing object colors, the Wallify command, and making openings. Along the way you will construct your own model of a classic house.


        Building a Contoured Site Model

This tutorial takes you step by step through the process of making a site model based on a contour drawing.

        Constructing a Spatial Dormer

This tutorial takes you step by step through the process of adding a classic gable dormer to a typical residential pitched roof. Shows the power of the trim tool and fit to object feature.

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