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Building A Classic House

        Introductory Level

For an easy way to quickly learn a useful cross-section of DesignWorkshop modeling techniques, work through the following tutorial sections. If you're an experienced Macintosh user, expect each section to take about 30 minutes.

This tutorial will introduce you to the basics of DesignWorkshop, starting with making a simple block, and then take you through the core functions including reshaping objects, duplicating, changing object colors, using the Wallify command, and making openings. Along the way you will construct your own model of a classic house.

In the first half of the tutorial, you'll build and render the massing model of a classic house with a front porch.

        1 - Conceptual Overview

        2 - Basic Massing

        3 - Front Porch

        4 - Porch Steps

        5 - Colors and Shadowcasting

In the second half of the tutorial you'll transform the massing model into a more realistic spatial building model with walls and door and windows openings. These parts move a bit more quickly than the previous sections, as they assume that you are already familiar with the techniques and terminology covered in the first half of the tutorial.

        6 - The "Wallify" Command

        7 - Adding Openings

        8 - Moving Through the Model

        9 - Viewing and Rendering

        10 - Details - Railings

        11 - Details - Window Frames

        12 - Details - Chimney

When you've worked through these steps, you'll be ready to take on your own design and modeling projects. Happy modeling!  

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