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Part 4 -- Porch Steps

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1. Stairs up to the porch will complete the massing model. Prepare to construct the stairs by zooming in two-dimensionally on the porch area. Click on the Zoom In tool (at the bottom right of the tool palette) and drag out a zoom rectangle as shown below.

The zoomed-in view will look like this. Notice the change in the zoom percentage tool.

The projection lines of the new porch posts will help place the steps. Type 0 to ground the crosshair, then move it over to coincide with the front edge of the porch, at the north side of the middle post. Then tap the space bar. This will zero out the relative coordinates in the location bar (E, S, and V), even though since there is no object handle behind the crosshair, the crosshair won't change position. By zeroing the relative coordinates at a reference location, E, S, and V can be used to measure the distance to the next object location.

To begin the first step, move the crosshair 3' to the east (so the relative coordinates read E 3, S 0, and V 0). Then drag out the plan of the step, northward parallel to the porch 4.5', and back toward the porch one foot, and option-drag half a foot upward.

Now multiple duplicate, much as before, to make the rest of the steps. Use the Edit menu Duplicate Multiple command, matching the settings shown in the illustration below.

The steps will appear as below.

2. Notice that the north-most post is just hanging off the end of the porch. Click on it to make it the only selected block, then type once with the down-arrow key, to nudge the post 6" southward onto the porch.

3. That completes the construction of the basic massing model. Click on the Zoom Percent tool to restore the zoom to 100%, then give the View menu Shading command to admire your efforts.

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