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Part 8 -- Moving Through the Model

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1. Now let's go inside! Choose the Eye tool...

...and swing around to the left nearly 180 degrees (which may take a more than one motion) until you're looking straight into the back of the house...

...then option-drag with the Eye tool to move forward, until you're right inside the space of the cottage.

When you release the mouse button, the view will redraw with shading, and look about as shown in the next illustration.

2. To look around the wide-open space inside the cottage, use the Look tool. While the Eye tool moves the eye point, or "the point you're looking from", around the model space like you're sliding around the surface of a sphere, the Look tool moves the "point you're looking at", as if you're standing still at the center of a sphere, looking around in different directions. Just drag the Look tool somewhat carefully in the direction you want to look toward.

3. Now we'll create a window opening from inside the cottage. Use the Look tool to look toward the left, or north, wall inside the cottage.

4. Shade the model for dramatic impact, then click on the wall to select it, and drag out the window opening just as before.

5. Your current view points can be saved in DesignWorkshop at any time, so you can get back to a particular eye and look location easily. When your view matches the last illustration, use the View menu Set View command to save the view. Name the view as you like in the dialog box that comes up, and then notice that the new view is automatically added to the user views area at the bottom of the View menu.

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