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Part 9 -- Viewing and Rendering

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1. To get your view points back to a standard overview, give the View menu Initial View command. Then give the View menu Shadow Casting command to bring back the shadows, which were canceled when the model was changed.

2. Now that we have something to look at, we'll quickly go through some of the other viewing possibilities. First, give the View menu Plan command.

Then turn on sectioning with the View menu Section command. This doesn't actually cut the geometry of your model, but shows it as if it had been cut and pochéd.

Use the Zoom In tool to frame the plan view more closely... this.

3. Then give the View menu Elevation > South command to see a section view looking toward the north.

Do the View menu Sectioning command again to turn off (uncheck) sectioning, and see a regular south elevation.

4. Click once on the Zoom Percent tool in the tool palette, to restore normal 100% zoom, and then give the View menu Initial View command (by menu, or by the command key shortcut) to return, full circle, back at the overview.

5. That completes the second section of the tutorial! Moving around in DesignWorkshop should be starting to feel a bit more natural now, since you've worked through the most important and fundamental functions.

From here on, it's mostly details!

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