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Part 11 -- Window Frames

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1. Window frames are next in order of detailing the cottage. To quickly make window frames make a single block in the approximate proportions of your windows which is 0.25 feet deep. Then cut openings in this block using the opening tool to represent glass.

2. Next you will Copy this object into the clipboard using the Edit menu's Copy command. Now select an opening in the cottage by clicking once on the opening. Select Paste from the Edit menu and you will see a dialog box for pasting into openings. In this case we want the pasted object to scale by height and width of the opening, but not depth. And we want the pasted object to align with the center of opening.

When you click OK the window frame you copied into the clipboard will be pasted into the opening that you selected.

3. Now select each opening and paste the window frame into each one.

4. Now make a block to paste in for the front door, just follow the same procedure as above and you should have no problems.

5. Now just render it and admire what you've accomplished.

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