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Part 12 -- The Chimney

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1. After adding a chimney you will have a fairly complete spatial model. Set the cursor to the height of the top of the chimney. For this cottage that will be even with the ridgleline of the roof, so select the roof block and Space Jump to the top mid-edge handle.

2. Now select the block tool and position the cursor in the x and y planes to make the chimney. Use visual cues such as the foot of the 3D crosshair and projection lines, along with numerical information from the location bar to get the proper position.

3. Make a block for the chimney with the correct horizontal dimensions, but only pull it down a few feet for now.

4. Once again you'll use the fit command, as you did when making the stair railing. This time, however, you'll fit downward. Select the chimney block and choose Arrange > Fit Object > Downward. The block will expand downward until it hits another object, in this case the roof.

5. Now you'll probably want to change the color of the chimney. All that's left is to shadow cast the model and admire the work you've done.

The cottage interior can also be constructed using and extending the methods covered in this tutorial. The finishing touches might be to copy and paste in furniture and cabinetry from the 3D libraries. Then you'll be ready to take on your own project.

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