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Part 2 -- Extruding the Contours

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1. After completing part 1 of this tutorial close the background and go to perspective view and you'll see all the polylines you've made as flat 2D objects on the ground plane.

2. Now select the polyline of the lowest elevation and extrude it to the height of your contours. In this case that is one foot. Now would be a good time to change the grid snap to one foot. Once it is extruded hide the object. Select the next lowest polyline and extrude it upwards one foot, then move it up a foot and hide it. Continue upwards so the next one is extruded a foot and moved up two feet.

Continue this process until you've extruded and positioned all the contours. Extrude the polyline representing the building mass and position it's properly in elevation.

3. When you cancel the hide you should see something like what is shown below -- a fairly complete contour model. The scale is correct in the z dimension, but not in the x and y dimensions.

4. Select the object that traces the property line and note the size of the object as shown in the Object Info floating window. In this case the object is 50.5 feet wide when it should be 112 feet.

5. Dividing the size it should be by the size it is shows we need to scale the model by 221.78%. Select all and group the entire model. Choose Scale from the Edit menu and enter 221.78% as the North-South and East-West numbers. Leave the vertical at 100% because it is already correct.

Now your model is scaled correctly.

6. Here all we've done is changed the colors and added a couple blocks for the roof of the building. Now you'll probably want to add trees from the libraries provided with DesignWorkshop, or make your own trees and other landscaping objects.

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