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File Formats

Artifice File Formats
DesignWorkshop "Standard" File Format Version 2
DesignWorkshop 3DMF Style Guide
DesignWorkshop Scaled PICT Format
DesignWorkshop Material Definitions
DesignWorkshop for Windows Preferences File

DXF Format Information
AutoCAD Release 12 DXF Format Specification
Comments on the AutoCAD Release 13 DXF Format

VRML 2.0 Format Information

QuickDraw 3D Information

QuickDraw 3D Accelerator Rendering Times
Specular Reflections in QD3D
Material Definitions in QD3D
Rendering Organic vs. Metallic Materials
Speed Tests on Mesh, Polyhedron and Trimesh Geometries

Radiance Information

Radiance and DesignWorkshop Overview

Radiance Online

Radiance Quick Start Notes
Installing and Running Radiance on Power MachTen

Example Radiance .rif File
Basic Unix Commands for Radiance
Example MachTen .login File for Radiance

Apple Computer, Inc.

Apple Computer Tehcnical Publications

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