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Please contact Artifice Support via our online support form for details and registration.

Artifice holds DesignWorkshop Professional training courses here in our friendly home city of Eugene, Oregon, taught personally by Artifice's own DesignWorkshop experts.

Our standard 3 1/2 day course is a rich offering, designed and demonstrated to provide a solid foundation in the complete range of 3D modeling and rendering skills for design and presentation. It runs from the first basics of 3D modeling up to touch on the highest level of advanced rendering, making for a valuable, rewarding, and complete learning experience.

The course is ideal for design professionals, 3D modelers, teachers, and computer graphics artists, at beginning to intermediate levels. The first two days of the course can be taken stand-alone as a basic introduction, by prior arrangement. Similarly, the last one, two or three days of the course can be taken separately by advanced users, by prior arrangement.

Course Outline

The standard schedule outline for our 3 1/2 day DesignWorkshop Professional course looks like this:

  Thursday Overview, Basics, and Tutorial Project
  Friday Techniques, Machines, and Personal Project
  Saturday 2D/3D Integration, Organizing the Model, and Personal Project
  Sunday Textures, Lighting, Rendering, Artlantis Animation, and Radiance!

Our 3 1/2 day course format, running from Thursday noon through Sunday, is designed for an easy fit with the busy schedules of design professionals.

Please contact Artifice Support using our online support form (or by direct email to "support@artifice.com") for scheduling and registration, and for any additional information, or call Artifice at USA 1-800-203-TECH, 1-541-345-7421.


Artifice DesignWorkshop training is 100% hands-on, using the operating system of your choice. Student teacher ratio is limited to a maximum of seven to one. Instructors are experienced Artifice Support staff with years of background using DesignWorkshop, 3D modeling, 2D drafting, advanced rendering, and working with software users.


Rates start at $795 per person for the complete 3 1/2 day course, or $249 per day.


Eugene, Oregon is located in the Willamette valley at the junction of the Willamette and McKenzie Rivers, a two hour drive south of Portland. Eugene is easy to visit with a full-service airport served with several daily jet flights by United and Horizon/Alaska Airlines, among others, with direct connections to and from San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Denver, and more.

Customized Training Options

In addition to the standard DesignWorkshop courses offered in Oregon, Artifice can provide customized training to meet the particular needs of individuals and organizations.

On-Site Training

Artifice can provide personalized on-site training virtually anywhere based on a standard rate of $500 US per day plus travel expenses. This is usually done with organized groups such as a university faculty or a multi-person design team, but it can be arranged for anyone. A typical onsite training is two days, depending on needs and interests, but custom arrangements are standard.


Personalized individual training is also available in the vicinity of our corporate locations in Oregon at a standard rate of $300 per day. For local people we can schedule sessions as short as two hours, but anything from there up to two or three days is reasonable.


We can also schedule small group training classes here in Oregon with curriculum customized to your exact requirements. Typical courses are either three days for DesignWorkshop, or five days to include advanced rendering techniques. The daily cost is usually less than the cost of individual training in Oregon.

Authorized Local Training

In addition to these direct training options from Artifice, in many parts of the US and worldwide, local third-party trainers are available by referral through Artifice. We will only recommend third-party trainers with a high level of proven expertise in DesignWorkshop modeling and rendering. Rates will vary.

For more information on any of these options, please contact us at "sales@artifice.com". We welcome the opportunity to help find the most effective approach to building your skills and knowledge of DesignWorkshop in particular, and in architectural 3D CAD in general.

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